BBJ is taking extra steps to ensure safety & hygiene in current times.

we are focusing on contactless delivery, digital payments, sanitization of delivery bags before every delivery, and providing a tamper-proof seal on every bag.
we also screen the temperature of every member of BBJ before entering the kitchen & delivery riders. 
and, BBJ Biryanis are made fresh for every individual order,
and Biryani is delivered in the Box which is Dum cooked to Ensure freshness & hygiene.
The Biryani seal is opened by Foodies only ensuring freshness & hygiene.

Safety Standard

1) Real-time Temperature Tracking of Kitchen and Delivery Staff.

2)Option of Choose Contactless Delivery.

3)Regular Health checkups for all the Staff Members.


Our Each biryani box has a biryani container, a side of yogurt, and disposable cutlery with paper napkins.
The biryani container is vacuum sealed.

At BBJ – we offer a biryani box along with a pair of forks, spoon, napkins, fresh salad, raita with mint &  Mughlai Dessert


The pieces are cooked so beautifully, &  marinated and the flavors were spot on. The packaging doesn’t  destroy its beauty
our every biryani pack has a generous layer of a barista,
which lent a fresh aroma  while opening the biryani box


Online facility available at our website, you can book an order on call or pay at our website. Your order will reach your location as fast as possible

Zomato/swiggy- you can order at zomato/swiggy also