Our Vision


We at Biryani Buy Junction (BBJ) believe that “Biryani” is the first love for foodies. We aspire to serve all the foodies authentic, versatile, aromatic, and full of flavors Biryani.


We assure you that we use technologies, processes, and systems that are up to the quality standards, hygienic and convenient to customers. We provide online order booking for easy delivery. We are committed to making BBJ our special Biryani available pan India. Biryani has made its special position in our hearts, and we are always trying to win the hearts of our customers by serving them their favorite dish: Biryani.

 Being conscious of the environment and people, our team works Heard to Serve you better To go hand in hand with innovations and technologies, we continuously try to improve our system and make it better for our customers.

 Also, we want our customers to enjoy their food like a party; always. We offer a complete meal including dessert, salads, curd, cold drink, and mouth freshener. We want to assure that you feel the taste, the food, and the mood like a restaurant in the comfort of your home.

 We have 3 different packages to give you complete satisfaction:

     Gold Box: To enjoy food if you are alone

     Platinum Box: To enjoy food with a partner

     Family Pack: To enjoy food with your family.